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Housechurches are the backbone of PAC that allow a growing church to remain close in community. Housechurches meet weekly and follow along with the Sunday messages, allowing for deeper discussion and application of the sermon. You can expect to find community, friendship, and a deepening of your faith when you are part of one of these amazing communities. There is a housechurch for everyone!



The following are the questions we will continue to ask every week to promote our intentionality and add accountability.

How can we become people of purpose here? UP, SIDE, DOWN & PARTY



  • have you been intentional with your time with God this week? (If so, describe that).  
  • Where do you feel He is trying to grow you lately?  
  • Have you taken time to be obedient to this call? 
  • Do I have a personal prayer life (if so, what is my focus this month?)


  • Where have you been intentionally loving others...at home? at work? at recreation?  
  • Who is the person you feel God is highlighting this month at your workplace? recreation centre? home? at the store? ex. story of being intentional brings focus.   
  • Do you have any First Nations/Filipino relationships?


  • What project or act of service will we do in our adopted neighbourhood this month?  
  • What can we do that can demonstrate heaven is arriving on our City?  
  • What project or service best fits our groups strengths and passions. (Voice vs. Principle)


  • Who will we invite to our Party this month?  
  • Are we building relationships outside of church to create a curiosity for God?