From Covid To Courage Day 3


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Covid Devo Day 3

Day 3 -Hear The Laughter.


I just took a quick look at some of the charts online showing people infected, deceased, and recovered. Then I clicked over to a news feed and read about store closures, grounded airlines, and tumbling markets. I realized my chest was getting tight. It is a peculiar thing to have your chest tighten with fear when you are writing a devotional about how to get rid of fear.

Feeling this had me change the mediation for today. Rather than tell you what I think will help you, I’ll share what helps me. Because just now, in my fear, I went to where I reflexively go when I physically feel fear. I go to Psalm 2.

I hadn’t intended to include Psalm 2 in these meditations because as I’ve talked with people about how to process fear and have mentioned Psalm 2 they haven’t seemed to get it. I understand why. On a quick surface reading, it seems to be about politics and not disease. It risks portraying God as mocking, angry, cocky, and ready to smite.  Which, for obvious reasons, is not even remotely comforting.

Especially when there are other options. Why not go to Psalm 23? Or Psalm 43? Basically, any other Psalm? Why choose this one where God seems to be swaggering along with indifferent bravado?

Well, like I said before, because it helps me.


Because when I am weak, I need to know He is strong. Terrified children are not comforted by parents who are equally terrified. I am not comforted by a God who is wringing His hands as He wonders what to do next.

No, I am comforted by His laughter.

Not the insensitive mocking laughter of someone whose power has isolated them from human emotion. But, the confident laughter of someone who is immensely capable, always in control, and never worried.

Every other day, this devotional focuses on what you could call the “softer” side of God – His empathy and care for us. But those don’t mean much if we have forgotten about the “hard” side of Him which ripples with unbending power and laughs full in the face of what keeps us up at night.

All this power. Transposed by love.

And aimed at you.

Further Reading:
Psalm 2 (or Psalm 23 or Psalm 43 if you must!)

Key Verse:
“The one enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.” (Psalm 2:4)

Calibration Prayer:

A different sort of prayer today, Lord. Thank you for your edge. Thank you for your wildness. Thank you for your power. I praise you that you are utterly unthreatened because there is no reason why you should be. I stand under the umbrella of your protective laughter and celebrate my blessing as I take refuge in you. Your laughter lifts my burdens. Your chuckles make me lighthearted.