Proverb A Day: Proverbs 28

Kevin Fawcett   -  

Pastor Kevin leads us through a daily thought on Proverbs 28.
Transcript Below.

Hi everyone. Glad you’ve joined us. As we look at another proverb today today is the 28th. And so we look in chapter 28 of the book of Proverbs. And, as I read through there, this proverb really struck out to me. It’s a verse 13 says this, he who conceals his sin does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy. You know, I think that, when it comes to things like sin, the things that we, maybe do that, that we wish we didn’t, that we’re ashamed of, we, our default is to conceal those things. And, and really this goes all the way back to the beginning of time, right? It goes back to the garden of Eden. We’re told that when Adam and Eve ate the Apple in the garden, when they heard God moving in the garden after that, that they hid from him.

It’s kind of this, this default reaction that we have. The problem is this though that hiding our sins doesn’t make them go away and hiding concealing our sins doesn’t lessen their power on them. To the contrary. Most of us have realized this reality that when we hide our sins, when we hold them just ourselves, when it’s just us and our sin, then the power of that sin actually increases in our life. And that’s why I think this proverb tells us that concealing your sin does not lead to prospering. Instead it says that whoever confesses them will find mercy. And the fact is that it can seem frightening to bring these kinds of things out into the light. But those of us who are parents I think we can understand this side of it as well, that that if your child came to you and, and humbly and vulnerably confessed something to you, there’s this mercy that rises up within you.

There’s this, this heart of love that, that overflows in that time. And how much more. So is that going to be the case with our heavenly father that when we confess our sins, when we renounced them we’re met by his mercy were met by his love. That’s a good word for us today that there’s another aspect of confession that I want to draw out as well though. And that’s what it looks like when we confess to another person. There‚Äôs a verse in James five that says that if we will confess our sins to one another and pray for one another, then we will be healed. That verses always struck me as important because the fact is we tend to hide our sins from one another. Then we can’t pray for one another and then we wonder why we aren’t healed.

We wonder why we don’t find power and victory over these sins. Part of it is because we’re not confessing to one another. Because the, the truth is when we bring these things out into the light, when we share them with someone else, then, then so much of the power is broken. We find someone who is able to pray with us, who’s able to assure us of God’s love in the midst of all of that and, and walk with us. It’s not just us and the sin. We’ve, we’ve got somebody on the journey with us. So as, as you head into your day we hear this proverb that whoever conceals their sin doesn’t prosper, but whoever confesses and renounced their sin finds mercy. So is there something that you’ve been concealing? Is there something that you’ve been trying really hard to keep under wraps? Here? This God wants you to bring that to him. And as you do that he offers you freedom and he offers you forgiveness. And, and is there someone ask God if there’s someone for you to share this part of your life with someone who will listen to you and someone who can pray with you and walk into the light together. So have a great day today, grace and peace. Everyone.