7 Ways To Supercharge Your Prayers: Day 2


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Prayer Supercharger Day 2

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Day Two:
Stop saying “Pray” when you pray.

This one is funny to me. A typical prayer involves us saying “pray” over and over. 

  • I pray that you would bless our time together.
  • I pray for mom and dad.
  • I pray the church will grow.
  • I pray that you heal Ricardo.

Now, we don’t want to overthink the words we use when we pray so we are paralyzed. But intentionally limiting the times we say “pray” isn’t paralyzing, in fact, it forces you to be present and paying attention to what it is you are really saying. It opens you up to vulnerability.

It helps us resist what Jesus asks us to resist in prayer, namely the senseless babbling on and on that the pagans display when they pray. 

Look how the level of intimacy and presence increases when I swap in more precise words into the above prayers. 

  • Make this a rich time of connecting. Help us speak the truth in a way that affirms our value to each other. 
  • My mom is sick and worried it might be more serious than a simple sore stomach. Please assure her of your presence and care for her. 
  • Lord, would you work to bring Nick and Steve to our church and may they begin to follow you. Give me boldness to invite and grace to be a loving and powerful example for them. 
  • In Jesus name, I command the sickness in Ricardo to leave. 

The first four versions put you to sleep because they have the potency of warm milk. The four revisions get your pulse racing. Jesus is listening. There is power available. Prayer becomes more real when you talk like it is real. Stop overusing the word “pray”.

Lord, I want to talk to you in a way that doesn’t bore you to death.
I will give you the dignity of my best focus and the most precise vocabulary I can muster.

Memory Verse:
When you pray, don’t babble on and on as the Gentiles do. They think their prayers are answered merely by repeating their words again and again.
-Matthew 6:7