7 Ways To Supercharge Your Prayers: Day 4

Nathan Weselake   -  

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Prayer Supercharger Day 4

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Day Four:
Confess your sin.

I can tell right away, even if I pretend I don’t notice.

I come home and one of my family members is aloof. I can usually guess what it is. I have hurt them, annoyed them, or disrespected them and the distance is the fruit of that behavior.

Sometimes I try to get a giggle out of them. Or I show real interest in something they are doing. I am hoping what I did just disappears. They may even play along and try to pretend something isn’t wrong. But it doesn’t work.

Things aren’t the same. And, they never will be the same until I apologize. 

That last line is a scary one isn’t it? But we know it is true. Unconfessed sin turns into unrepaired relationships which eventually lose their awkwardness as they become normal. We settle.

We assume this is as close as we are going to be to our spouse, kids, parents, or whomever. We stop dreaming about intimacy. We may even forget where we got stopped in our tracks thinking it has always been how it is. But that isn’t true, it is how it is because of unconfessed sin.

Perhaps the barrenness of your prayer life doesn’t just have to be “how it is” as if there are some people who naturally have amazing prayer lives, and you are not one of them. What if the problem isn’t your personality or history? What if it is unconfessed sin straining the relationship between you and God?

The good news is God is quicker to forgive than any other being. He doesn’t make you pay a price to confess. In fact, he immediately rewards confession with intimacy. 

So tell him the sins you are conscious of. List them, say sorry, and ask for forgiveness. Then follow his promptings about how you might make restitution with those you have wronged.

And then ask him about the sins you have forgotten, the ones which have been smelling up the atmosphere for so long you think the stink is normal.

Ask him to breathe his holiness into your life to expose the sins you have become acclimatized to, but which are, in truth, compromising the quality of your life as they severe your relationship with him.

Lord, search me and bring to my mind any sin in my life which is keeping me from having a fruitful and enjoyable conversation with you. I will confess it immediately because what I want more than anything is your presence in my life.

Memory Verse:
If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened.