Stumbling Towards The Promise: Week 2, Day 5


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Stumbling Week Two Day Five

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Week #2

Day 5 

Isaiah 58:5 / Genesis 32:1-21 / Psalm 129


The confidence of Psalm 129 is a stark contrast to Jacob’s worry when he is about to face his old enemy and brother, Esau. Worry comes when we know we are on shaky ground. Jacob’s treatment of his brother, and his continuing manipulation of the people around him, don’t exactly make him feel like God is on his side. He prays in desperation for help, but his actions show he doesn’t really have a lot of faith. God is about justice and Jacob is worthy of punishment.

Again we come to this idea of how empty words are when they are not backed up with action. It is our faithful actions which help root us in confidence in God. We know we don’t have to manipulate things – we’ve seen God deliver us without having to take matters into our own hands.

“Do I have a faith track-record or am I constantly asking God to do things for the first time?”

Lord, I need to develop some memories with you. Help me to trust you now so it becomes easier to trust you again….and again…and again. Thank you for your patience with me. Bring to my mind those situations where you delivered me in unexpected ways. Build my faith through the power of the Holy Spirit.