Stumbling Towards The Promise: Day 4


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Stumbling Day Four

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Week #1

Day 4 

Isaiah 58 / Genesis 28:1-9 /  Psalm 123


Despite being kicked around by his family; Esau is still trying to earn their approval. He finds out his family disapproves of his wives and so he marries another two women in an attempt to earn his father’s favor.

Some of us can relate to this continual drive to do what causes us to be accepted. In figurative terms, our eyes shoot automatically in the direction of the one we are seeking approval from. We look for some clue in their body language to show we are accepted. For some it is parents, others a friend or boss. still others a romantic relationship. For many of us it will never come, or if it does it will still leave us empty because we are looking in the wrong direction.

“Who am I paying too much attention to, hoping for their approval?”

Lord, I’ve suffered more than I like to think about. Rejection, cruelty, and criticism from others has wounded me. Yet, I still tend to look in these painful directions for the acceptance I need. Help me to fix my gaze on you. Help me to be attentive to your body language and not miss the mercy, love, and acceptance you are pouring out on me.