Stumbling Towards The Promise: Day 5


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Stumbling Day Five

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Week #1

Day 5 

Isaiah 58 / Genesis 28:10-22 / Psalm 124


It is a beautiful moment when we realize God is present. Although he almost missed it, Jacob experiences God’s presence as a promise to him. He seizes the moment and ensures he will remember it by renaming the place where he met God and by making promises to God. The writer of the Psalm has experienced God’s blessing as deliverance from evil and sings with joy recognizing how badly things would have gone if not for God being there.

Both experiences of God’s presence (the promise and the protection) are life changing and fortify us to trust and obey. Isaiah 58 ties all this together by reminding us trusting and obeying is what we do to unleash more experiences of God’s presence. His presence is the catalyst for our attentive action. Our attentive action is the catalyst for His presence.

“Am I being attentive enough to notice God in my life?”

Lord, help me to not miss you today. I want to be attentive to you not just in my spirit, but I also want to act in ways which show I believe you are near. Give me a full heart which rests in your promises and which fuels my obedience. In turn and by your grace have my obedience lead me into your presence. May this beautiful fly wheel just keep spinning me ever deeper into your presence and ever further into effective service.