Stumbling Towards The Promise: Week 2, Day 1


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Stumbling Week Two Day One

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Week #2

Day 1 

Isaiah 58:1 / Genesis 29 / Psalm 125

There are ways we justify to ourselves doing things that are wrong. Laban does this when he marries Leah to Jacob by explaining he is only adhering to the custom. But Laban is far more motivated by greed than anything else. At some point the person who justifies their behavior no longer realizes they are behaving wrongly; they need a wake up call.

Isaiah 58 and Psalm 125 provide the wake up call. To those who have gotten so used to their sin it seems like it is fine, Isaiah 58 blasts like a trumpet. To those who are tempted to justify their own sin because everyone else is doing it, Psalm 125 reminds them that wickedness will not ever get the upper hand.

“Where am I justifying sin and needing a wake up call?”

Holy Spirit I confess my ability to justify my behavior. I can deceive myself in ways I am not even aware of. I invite you to see to the very bottom of me and to call me on my sin. Show it to me. Bring someone into my life to point it out. Help me to listen! Also, I’m frustrated because those who bend the rules appear to be doing better than I am in life. Please help me feel your embrace around me. Help me to truly understand that what I long for is you.