Stumbling Towards The Promise: Week 2, Day 2


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Stumbling Week Two Day Two

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Week #2

Day 2 

Isaiah 52:2 / Genesis 30:1-24 / Psalm 126

The honeymoon (such as it was) is definitely over. Jacob is no longer really a man and more like a bull who is shuttled from stall to stall as the sisters chase significance and love. We can be distracted by all the bedroom hopping and miss how terribly stuck each person is and how each behaves in ways which compound the problems.

That’s what happens when everyone is chasing their own agenda, and no one bothers to ask what God wants. When God is mentioned in this section it is only to make the wishes of Leah and Rachel appear pious. Anyone watching the situation closely knows this is empty religious language. And, somewhere in this whole mess, Jacob remembers God appearing to him in a dream and telling him he would be blessed?

“Where am I pursuing my own agenda and telling people it is God’s?”

Lord, I’ve made a mess of things. I remember better times. Times when you were so near. Times when I was stunned by the things you had done for me. Now, it all seems in the past. My memories are bigger than my dreams – silly and wrong because I am FOREVER yours. I want to walk with you again. I miss you. If I have used you as a stamp of approval for my agenda, please show me where and I’ll stop. I do not want to take your name in vain and use you as a genie. You are God. I submit to your path and lay down my ideas. I’ll come back onto your path. In the meantime, I am hopeful, knowing my tears are temporary.