Stumbling Towards The Promise: Week 2, Day 3


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Stumbling Week Two Day Three

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Week #2

Day 3 

Isaiah 58:3 / Genesis 30:25-43 / Psalm 127

Laban and Jacob are both control freaks who manipulate to get what they want. It’s relatively easy to spot how people manipulate each other. Far more subtle, but even more dangerous, are the ways we can try to manipulate God. Isaiah 58:3 shows that God will not be manipulated.

He knows when people are trying to use Him and He doesn’t fall for it. In fact, He has built it into the way things are that any relationship or enterprise built on manipulation or deceit will come to a crashing end. Laban will get his. So will Jacob. Because, unless the Lord builds the house, the laborers are wasting their time.

“What am I doing which is a waste of time?”

Lord, my response to the things I cannot control is often to simply amp up my attempts to control. I don’t want to control things. Help me to release my finances, family, health, and my job all to you. I ask this not so I can manipulate you; somehow working an equation where I release X so you will automatically do Y. I know that is not how it works. I want to release everything to you. Help me to trust you with the means and the outcomes. I want to rest in the house you are building.