Stumbling Towards The Promise: Week 2, Day 4


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Stumbling Week Two Day Four

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Week #2

Day 4 

Isaiah 58:4 / Genesis 31/ Psalm 128

Genesis 31 and Psalm 128 give us very different pictures of family life. Laban’s family is filled with deceit and is tearing apart at the seams. God seems to show up from time to time but only to keep people from killing each other!

Contrast this with the continual blessing poured out on the family described in Psalm 128, where God’s presence means peace and intimacy for the family. The difference? Laban paid lip service to God but did his own thing. The father in Psalm 128 was committed to God in all things.

“Where are my choices taking my family?”

Oh God, no one ever chooses to have their family want nothing to do with them. But, we make other choices which can have that effect. Show me where I am being like Laban and creating an atmosphere of distrust, competition, and fear. Give me the power to change my behavior. I long for your continual blessings for my family and I need your help. Pour out your blessing on my marriage, kids, and grandkids. Help me to follow you wherever you lead and put you at the center of all areas of my life.