Stumbling Towards The Promise: Week 3, Day 1


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Stumbling Week Three Day One

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Week #3

Day 1 

Isaiah 58:6 / Genesis 32:21-32 / Psalm 130


These three readings all touch on ideas of freedom. Jacob (“heel-grabber”) wrestles all night and finally confesses to his assailant his name (and all the history of deceit associated with it), after which he is given a new name (Israel). He is freed from his past.

The Psalm also describes someone holding on all night waiting for God to deliver them. They are banking on God’s fidelity and love and will not be disappointed. And finally, Isaiah 58:6 reminds us that the role of Israel (and Christians, too) is not simply to enjoy the deliverance of God personally, but also to be the instruments God uses to bring deliverance to others. It is those instruments that truly make worshipful music.

“How much of true worship is simply passing on what I have been given by God?”


Father, I have hope because, if you can give Jacob a new name, you can transform me too. Thank you for your grace. I do sometimes wonder, though, if I have not wrestled with you long enough. I worry that I have let go too soon. Help me to watch for you like a night watchman waits for his shift to be done. I long for you but sometimes have trouble truly believing you will deliver me. Finally, help me to not miss any opportunities this day to love people in my life like you love me.