Stumbling Towards The Promise: Week 3, Day 3


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Stumbling Week Three Day Three

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Week #3

Day 3

Isaiah 58:8 / Genesis 34-35 / Psalm 132


In a brutal world of rape and revenge, God still has the audacity to promise that goodness, love, peace, and plenty will eventually win. He can do this because he is basing his promises on his character and not on the ups and downs of his chosen people. He will be faithful despite us.

However, when we abandon evil and live in sync with him, we enter into a life of unimaginable joy and transforming power. When we truly follow, he bathes us in his presence.

“To what extent does God depend on his chosen people to transform the world and to what extent does he not need them?”


Jesus, I don’t really know what I can actually do to make any kind of difference in this sad and violent world. Most of the time it is so overwhelming I try not to think of how much life hurts for some people. Yet, you think I can make some kind of difference or you never would have called me to the Father. Help me understand I am adopted into the family so I can be a part of the family business. Give me courage to see and deal with the hurts right in front of me. I commit to doing my best with the piece of the puzzle you have given me to work with.