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Stumbling Week Three Day Four

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Week #3

Day 4

Isaiah 58:9 (and 7) / Genesis 37 & 33:11/ Psalm 133


This messed-up family is still playing favourites. The sons of Rachel and Leah live with the smoldering fire of their mother’s jealousy. All it takes is Jacob’s favoritism and Joseph’s big mouth to cause things to blow up. The family who is supposed to be used by God to free captives has sold their brother into slavery.

It is an extreme example, but most of us know how quickly things can blow up in a family. It can be so hard, we often detach or tune out. But we need to consider how the Psalm pictures peace in a family as a kind of worship; the psalmist mixes images of peace with priestly images of God’s presence. Perhaps, because it is so hard for families to be at peace, that is why it means so much to God.

“What can I do to become a person of peace in my family?”


Jesus, family is complex. So many different personalities, histories, and issues. I don’t even know where to start. Show me what you would have me do. In the meantime, I take some comfort as I remember that even you seemed to have the occasional disagreement with your family! But you didn’t give up, and eventually your mother and brothers were among the first to benefit from your relationship with the Father. Help me to be Jesus in my family. I mean it!