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Stumbling Week Three Day Five

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Week #3

Day 5

Isaiah 58:10 / Genesis 38 / Matthew 1 (especially verse 3)


Widows were very vulnerable in the ancient world, and customs were in place to ensure they were cared and provided for. Granted, those customs appear pretty scandalous to us but they make for some fascinating reading!

Judah again shows us the chosen family doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do (Isaiah 58:10), and God still allowing them a place in the Jesus story.  In the midst of all the sex and intrigue it is easy to miss the shift which occurs in his character at the end of the chapter. Perhaps Tamar was the wake-up call God used to have Judah really take a look in the mirror.

“What if the moments where I am caught red-handed are the moments which hold the most potential for grace?”


Jesus, I give you permission to do what needs to be done to transform my character. Bring to light those behaviors I have accepted and justified. And, by your grace and for my joy, please give me the courage to admit my sin and change. I want to be free.