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Stumbling Week Four Day One

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Week #4

Day 1

Isaiah 58:11 / Genesis 39-40 / Hebrews 12:1-12


When have you last needed a guide?

While hunting?
When on vacation?

At what point does it make sense to lose faith in your guide? Isaiah 58:11 promises the continual guidance of the Lord; yet Joseph is getting framed, convicted, and forgotten. Like him, there are times when we don’t feel guided – we feel totally lost. But you only need a guide when you are lost.

And a good guide can walk with you through the most difficult of situations. The mark of a good guide is not that the people they are leading know exactly where they are. The mark of a good guide is that they know exactly the right path to get to the destination. Remember, as a child of God you are being led, no matter how lost you feel in the moment. Don’t stop trusting the Guide when you need Him the most. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

“Could it be that when I feel most lost is when God is most actively guiding me?”


The truth is, Father, I want to know why you are guiding me like you are and how it is all going to turn out. I don’t really want a guide – I want an explanation! Of course, this does nothing for my faith, so help me to trust you, even when I feel lost and forgotten. Help me to trust that you are teaching me exactly what I need to learn to become who you want me to be. I want to trust your plans for me. Help me to stand firm on my shaky legs and walk a straight path.