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Stumbling Week Four Day Two

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Week #4

Day 2

Isaiah 58:12 / Genesis 41-42 / Matthew 20:20-28


A few years in the slammer seems to have changed Joseph. Where once he used dreams to establish his importance (Gen 37). Now, he humbly acknowledges the dreams reveal God’s power and not his own significance. Joseph is now ready for one of the most influential positions in the ancient world and from that position save many from starvation. Maybe he had to be humbled before he would be trusted with this role?

It does seem like humility is a prerequisite for those who dream of rebuilding walls and restoring homes. Because humility is so necessary, we ought to be suspicious of those whose spiritual abilities are primarily used to distinguish themselves from people who don’t have these abilities. Just as important is to be vigilant yourself for where your God given gifts might be making you feel entitled or smug.

“What is my real motivation for wanting to make a difference in people’s lives?”


Jesus, thank you for the example you offered as the humble king. I don’t want to play games where I am simply using spiritual sounding language to advocate for myself. You can see right through it and know I can’t be trusted to really serve until I am more fully yours. Tentatively, I ask you to humble me. I’m tentative because I can’t imagine it will be easy or fun. But I know there is no other way to be used powerfully by you. Help me to love you and love others enough to walk through whatever humbling experiences you need to put me through so I can be a restorer and a rebuilder.