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Stumbling Week Four Day Three

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Week #4

Day 3

Isaiah 58:13 / Genesis 43-44 / John 15:9-17


The same Judah who sells his brother into slavery and abandons a widow now steps up and offers his life for the sake of another. It is a beautiful moment which might very well have been what finally softened Joseph’s heart and had him call off the ruse (45:1). It is no surprise.

There is no power in the universe as strong as sacrificial love. Nothing brings more potential into a situation for life and rebirth than someone laying down their life. This is the secret at the heart of God which is revealed to us in Jesus. We are invited not just to admire it. We are invited to live with a powerful unselfish love every single day.

“If I believed unselfish love was the most powerful thing in the universe how would it change my behavior today?”


Jesus, I can make life more complicated than it needs to be. Help me remember the main thing you want from me is to love others. Thank you for your example of how sacrificial love brings life and hope. Thank you for your sacrificial love which gives me hope every day. I want to pass that on powerfully and be a true child of God. Help me to simply and powerfully love others today.