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Stumbling Week Four Day Four

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Week #4

Day 4

Isaiah 58:14 / Genesis 45-46 / Revelation 21:1-8 & 22:3-5


Perhaps the reunion of the house of Jacob is a picture of what is waiting for us all when we reunite fully in the Kingdom of God. Tears of joy as we hold each other for the first time in years. The absolute security of a benevolent King. Forgiveness. Healing. Expressing wonder as we realize those things we thought could not be redeemed in a million years fit like a perfect puzzle piece in God’s plan. Every promise God ever made to us coming to its ultimate fulfillment. Every longing and hurt absent. It will feel like a beautiful dream, except we will never wake up. It is a vision which is given to us to help us endure, love, and serve now.


“What role does anticipation play in helping me deal with what is difficult day to day?”


God, I confess to you the things which I like most in this world I only like because they point to you. Every good thing a mere appetizer of the banquet which is waiting for me. Holy Spirit, help me to live with a joyous anticipation of what the Father has in story for me and my brothers and sisters. May my hope for that day be a truly living hope which sustains me on mission in this life. Give me a deep sense of how great the reward actually is those you have called so that I might serve you with every fiber of my being?